nothing to wear, i swear.

janni –  i love YOU








I’m tired

hi world!

today is a day as usual, waking up, crawling into the kitchen, erecting the table and eating. for all that, i was speculating about YOUR weekly favorites. nothing heard of you yet! hope you will post your favs and..yeah.

i will upload an image of myself now, so you can imagine my condition right now, like directly after gettingp. it’s not very recommended, BUT it’s your own fault if you look at it!

in a few hours i am gonna do some “ropeskipping”. don’t ask why. after that i’m gonna have some coffee with my friend.

ACTUALLY you could help me making my blog a bit more famous by sending its link to everyone that COULD be interested in fashion or my lifestyle. (posting it on facebook, twitter i don’t know, stuff like that)

so girls (and boys) see you this evening!!!

weekly favorites (week 44)

instead of sleeping

i was surfing in the internet looking for clothes that are exactly inspiring me. WEEKLY FAVORITES will be updated every week of the year, uploading pictures of my favorite accessoires, clothes and shoes. so please please please leave a comment after checking out my present favorites!


  • 1st:  COAT!

  • 2nd:  BOOTS!
  • 3rd:  PONCHO!


i blog, you blog, he/she/it blogs

  • what am i gonna wear tomorrow?
  • how long can you keep on toasting a toast?
  • why the hell does starbucks have these crazy sizes?

questions. and the answer for all these questions is -right- only in our BEDS.